Surf Rash-Guard


One piece surf suit.

Surf rash-guard, sunblock and fashionable swimsuit. Comfortable for any kind of water activity. POPI rash-guards have double lining for better comfort and to avoid transparency.

Size: Medium
Material: lycra


POPI rash guards are used for light coverage in warm to extreme summer temperatures for several water-sports including surfing, water survival training, snorkelling, free-diving, wakeboarding, body surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, or simply for stand-up paddle surfing and swimming. They are used to protect the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion, or by sunburn from extended exposure to the sun.

POPI rash guards are exclusively handmade, using carefully picked materials for full body comfort. All rash guards are double layered to prevent transparency.

Note that colours on the pictures may vary slightly from the actual product, depending on device used.